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Happy Wednesday Zingara’s, this weeks wonder woman is beautiful Sharon.

Sharon is someone I have known for many years, She has always had an infectious energy about her that makes you want to be in her presence. She is funny, passionate and constantly teaching me new things from home hacks, environmental wastage and life. She shares raw moments of her life with such honesty and you can feel her driven mission behind it is to help other women connect with her. I am drawn to sharon for her confience to embarce exactly who she is with no apologies. I adore that about her.

I know you will read Sharon’s interview below and feel that infectious energy too, I hope it resonates with you and you can walk away with more confidence and that kick ass attitude to live your ultimate best life day by day.

“Talk to yourself like you would to somebody that you love.”

Enjoy Zingara’s


Let’s get to know you.

1. Tell me a little about who you are? What do you do?

I am Sharon, a 33 year old mother of two (Jackson, 7 & Kaylee, 1). I live (and grew up) in the stunning Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia.

I have somewhat of a confused identity. My mother is a Filipina and my father is Australian. I was brought up a Catholic but I still put my crystals out on the full moon and burn incense. I drive to yoga with gangsta music on and I can eat a wicked salad then polish it off with chocolate.

Whilst my “full time” job is a stay-home-mum, when I can, I do extras work and TV commercials. Completely random but I love it.

I am still trying create a community presence on Instagram (@chanceofgrace) and help other people reduse their plastic footprint by using social media as a platform but also sharing #mumlife and our every day life.

2. What gives you the biggest sense of pride?

When my children achieve things. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my children happy.

And my home. This is where my family is. It is an open door to family and friends. We bought a “cheap” house and 3 years later extended/renovated. I am so proud of it being designed and predominantly built by us.

3. One moment or event that has been your turning point for your life? Elaborate.

Having a dud boyfriend for three years. I was 17 when we started dating. He was so toxic. I had a lightbulb moment and broke up with him. It taught me to be a strong woman, to not put up with bullshit and to have confidence in who I am as a person.

4. What or who lights you up and why?

Would it be clichè to say my children? Motherhood has been the biggest challenge of my life but but when my children do or say something funny, caring or even just something cute I smile from ear to ear. They are so beautiful.

5. Think of someone you truly admire, what qualities do you like about that person?

Emmylou (@emmylou_loves)

She oozes self confidence and never stops in the business hustle, all while raising a family.

6. What is something you do daily that helps you stay aligned?

I seriously love being in my veggie patch. It’s so peaceful being outside watering the plants listening to the chooks “talking” to me.

7. What quality do you love most about yourself?

My loyalty. I am the most loyal person you ever meet. I am with you all the way to the end and will be your biggest fan.

8. What is one piece of advice you could give other women to find their light and live their ultimate life?

Never forget who you are. Even if you get lost for a while, find your way back.

Don’t succumb to being only one title. No one said you only have to be one.

Let go of your inhibitions and you will find a life filled with so much fun, happiness and memories.

Go to the beach in a bikini! No one cares. I know I am too busy with my kids or trying to tie down the umbrella to notice what you wore to the beach.

9. What is something you do to connect with your inner self? What do you do to fill up your cup?

To be honest I never really feel like my cup is empty. But exercise truly makes me feel so energized. I feels great to keep the body moving and somewhat empowering.

10. What are your greater visions and goals for the next 12months?

I am not one to have a vision. I like to roll with the punches.

But I do want to create a more peaceful home via decluttering and not making unnecessary purchases.

I want to build my Instagram presence with a genuine tribe.

And nail more jobs with my agency but really, this is out of my hands.








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